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What is the lameness locator?

A computerized gait analysis system
that objectively measures body movement & detects lameness.

Why the Lameness Locator?

  • It enables the veterinarian to objectively identify lameness in horses
  • Reduces time from evaluation to localization to treatment
  • The system provides lameness analysis that indicates
    • How severe is the lameness
    • Which limb or limbs are involved
    • In which part of the gait pain is occurring (impact, push off, or both)
    • Real time data collection & comparisons can be made
  • After diagnostic blocks (localizing the area of the lameness)
  • Before and after treatment (how effective was the treatment)

How accurate is the Lameness Locator?

  • The sensors measure up to 20x faster than the human eye can observe
  • It Tracks head and torso movement accurately within millimeters
  • The system is completely portable and designed to work at the clinic or in the field
  • Three small sensors are attached to the horse’s head, pelvis and right forelimb

Applications (When to use it?)

  • Horses with mild and or complex, difficult to localize lameness
  • Horses with multiple limb and or compensatory lameness
  • Quantifying the effects of diagnostic blocks
  • Confirming the incidental nature of equivocal imaging abnormality findings
  • Documenting soundness and progress of treatment
  • Evaluation of poor performance
  • Pre-purchase Exams

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